In Same Plots
1. Select either Corn or Soybeans to compare.
2. Select ‘Renk Versus Competitor’ if you want to compare a Renk Variety to another company offerings. Otherwise select ‘Competitor Versus Renk’ if you want to compare another companies variety to what Renk has to offer.
3. If you choose ‘Renk Versus Competitor' then choose the company you want to compare to and the Renk variety that you want to see that company against.
If you choose ‘Competitor Versus Renk' then choose the company and variety you want to see Renk products compared to.
4. Hit ‘Compare’ button. If there are 4 or more common plots where varieties are together then these comparisons will be listed in table below.
The left side of the table will show the compared varities with their average yield and moisture in the common plots. The colored right side shows the average of the variety selected in ‘Variety’ box in those same plots. A win is when the Variety in the colored section outperforms the variety on the left side in a plot.
5. You can double click on a line of the table to drill down and show the actual plots the two varities these were together.